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NJ Technology Lawyer Andrew S Bosin LLC charges affordable, flat rate legal fees packages.

New Jersey Technology Licensing Agreement Attorney Andrew S Bosin LLC helps New Jersey mobile app, software, SaaS, technology, cloud, internet and Blockchain startups, entrepreneurs and vendors navigate technology law and draft and negotiate software licensing agreements, technology licensing agreements, technology contracts, intellectual property (IP) licensing and transfer agreements, mobile app development agreements, mobile app contracts, end user license agreements (EULA) and SaaS contracts and licensing agreements.

New Jersey Technology Attorney Andrew S Bosin LLC represents a wide variety of SaaS, technology, software, cloud, mobile app and blockchain startups, businesses and their owners. For many clients, Andrew’s representation begins at the startup phase and can end in an exit of some kind with a merger or asset sale. 

Andrew has helped business owners with the process of business formation, starting a new Delaware C Corporation or New Jersey limited liability company.

Andrew helps his clients position themselves for funding and to navigate the process of closing successive rounds of investment. During the running of the company, Andrew helps officers and directors with corporate governance, managing director and officer meetings, and advising boards of directors on key decisions that could affect whether the company has success or fails.

Andrew provides legal advice and represents technology businesses with transactional support, drafting and negotiating a wide variety of agreements dealing with information technology and intellectual property. 

For example, Andrew helps with the deal flow of agreements of various kinds, including master service agreements (MSA) for technology, SaaS and cloud service clients, cloud computing agreements, product distribution agreements, software licenses, hardware sales, development agreements, and website terms of service website agreements. Andrew also negotiates deals to support various kinds of marketing and sales arrangements, including joint venture, partner, reseller, OEM and affiliate agreements.

Andrew helps his clients best position their companies for M&A transactions and walks them through the process to a successful exit.

More and more Andrew is seeing that his clients want to develop their innovative products and services, go to market, and start bringing in revenue quicker than ever before. However, the U.S. and increasingly foreign and international laws and legal systems can be impediments to business success.  Think about the following:

  • Your business wants to have the ability to sell products and services to make your business grow.  At the same time, you need legal agreements to close the deals to bring in the revenue. Let’s say the other party in the deal wants you to draft the agreement.  When you speak with your general business contracts lawyer they have no clue what you are talking about let alone have the ability to draft the agreement. So you have to resort to asking your deal partner to draft the agreement  which is almost always one sided in favor of the other party.  How do you control your legal risks and liabilities in this situation?
  • Companies are also spending tons of money on legal compliance in areas such as privacy and security compliance with new laws such as the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act which becomes effective in January 2020.  Pick up the phone and call general business lawyers in your area. Unless they specialize in drafting software and technology agreements chances are they will know very little about data privacy.  So where do you find legal advice to help you navigate increasing governmental regulation?
  • Implementing and putting in place governance documentation to manage your technology with procedures, guidelines, policies and training materials makes sense on many different levels. Most major businesses have privacy policies.  Does your general business contracts lawyer have the experience to help you write and implement website legal agreements?

Are you really going to deal with all of these legal challenges by yourself? Seems pretty risky wouldn’t you agree?  You get along with and trust your general business contracts lawyer, but he or she probably knows no more how to draft, negotiate or interpret a technology or software agreement than you do.  

Andrew has extensive experience in advising both startup and established technology, software and SaaS businesses and helping them navigate through the maze of licensing, marketing and intellectual property (IP) issues that go hand in hand with the high-tech industry. Andrew has also guided clients through the process of structuring equity ownership, issuing company shares, obtaining capital and providing legal advice on merger and acquisition opportunities. Andrew has started, run and scaled a SaaS business with partners, so he knows what you are dealing with in your own technology company.

What is Technology licensing? It is the means by which technology and software companies distribute and monetize their marketable intellectual property. The biggest difference between licensing property and buying property is that no transfer of ownership occurs with a license. The right to use the technology assets are only those rights granted in a license agreement. All other rights in and to the technology are reserved for the owner of the technology. 

Andrew is highly skilled at providing legal advice to SaaS, software, mobile app and technology companies on drafting and negotiating Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements, Software Licensing Agreements, SaaS Master Service Agreements, Reseller Agreements and Subscription Agreements.

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