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Startup Lawyer Andrew S Bosin located in New Jersey helps technology, software, SaaS, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and mobile app startups, entrepreneurs, vendors, developers, founders, customers, licensees and end-users.

Andrew represents clients both in New Jersey and all across the USA.

Andrew provides legal advice to startup companies in all phases of development, including early stage, pre-seed, pre-funding, including Delaware C Corporations and New Jersey Limited Liability Companies ("LLC"). 

Because Andrew has been an owner of a Delaware C Corporation SaaS business he has the boots on the ground entrepreneurial experience to provide you with the best possible legal advice and services to help you get your startup from point A to point B.

In addition to drafting business incorporation formation documents, bylaws, operating agreements, founder and investor stock agreements, SaaS agreements and software technology licensing agreements Andrew also drafts and negotiates online website agreements including terms of use, terms of service, terms and conditions and privacy policy agreements, End User License Agreements (EULA), e-commerce contracts and agreements and internet contracts.

 Andrew also drafts & negotiates SaaS, cloud and software Intellectual Property Assignment and Transfer Agreements, Master Service Agreements, Subscription Agreements, Healthcare End User License Agreements (EULA), Partnership Agreements, Business Associate Agreements (BAA) and Reseller Agreements.

Andrew charges clients affordable fixed rate legal fees.

Please call Andrew for an initial consultation at 201-446-9643.


Fixed Rate Flat Fee Startup Legal Fees Packages

Fixed Fee Flat Rate Startup Lawyer Package For Entrepreneurs and Tech Startups Andrew S Bosin LLC based in New Jersey provides legal advice to startups all across the USA in all fifty states.

Andrew represents mobile app, SaaS, technology, software, e-commerce and internet startups and entrepreneurs.

Please call Andrew for a free consultation at 201-446-9643.


Delaware C Corporation Formation Startup Lawyer

Delaware Corporation Formation Startup Lawyer Andrew S Bosin LLC based in New Jersey helps technology, software, mobile app, SaaS, E-Commerce and internet startups and entrepreneurs incorporate as Delaware C Corps.

Andrew represents startups located in all fifty states.

Andrew offers low cost, affordable, transparent, fixed rate flat fee legal packages to draft all documents to get your business incorporated in Delaware and up and running.

Andrew offers a Delaware startup legal package which includes Initial Board Consent, Bylaws, Action of Sole Incorporator, Founders’ Stock Agreements, IRS 83(b)(6) Tax Election and  IP Invention & Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Andrew also drafts and negotiates Job Offer Term Sheets, Executive Compensation Packages and Employment Contracts for C Level Executives, Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP), Termination Agreements, intellectual property (IP) agreements and NDA’s.

Andrew works with clients located in New York, NYC, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Denver, Boulder, Phoenix, Ohio, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, Seattle, Delaware, Maryland, Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Texas, Nashville, Memphis, Idaho, Alaska, Connecticut, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, PA, Charlotte, and Raleigh, Atlanta, Washington, DC, Virginia, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, San Diego, California, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Please contact Andrew for an initial Delaware C Corporation legal consultation at 201-446-9643.

Startup Attorney

Tech Startup Attorney Andrew S Bosin LLC provides legal advice to Tech, App, SaaS, Software and Cloud entrepreneurs and startups all across the USA.